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Personal Trainer Jobs Sydney

Personal trainers play a vital role in keeping others fit, healthy and active. Many personal trainers work in a fitness center or a gym.  Most of their time is spent interacting with clients in an office or training them in the gym.  They may work with clients in small groups or individually. Numerous employment options include working independently or in a gym.

Duties of a personal Trainer

The duties of a personal trainer would include meeting the clients and get a better understanding of the client’s goal, like if they want to lose weight or gain muscle mass.  They would also be responsible for showing clients some workouts. Personal trainers are also responsible for customizing the exercise plans to meet the goals and requirements of the clients.  During the workout sessions, trainers would observe their clients carefully and ensure they are performing the moves correctly.  Trainers also give lifestyle and dietary suggestions to the clients which are relevant to their fitness plan.

Education and Experience

To apply for personal trainer jobs in Sydney, the trainer should be legit through certification and should have a fitness related college degree.  The trainer applying for the job should have relevant experience in the field.  We do not hire those who have never stepped foot in a gym or have never picked up a free weight in their life.

Appearance and Enthusiasm

You do not have to be “supermodel” to be a trainer, but should look like you care about yourself.  You have to wear your passion on your sleeve and represent a lifestyle that clients are looking to achieve.

Looking for personal trainer jobs in Sydney?

Interested personal trainers can send their updated resume and we will call shortlisted candidates for a face to face interview. For more information, feel free to contact us.