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How do I request for a trainer?

We use GPS to approximate your current location, or you may simple just enter in the location you are currently in, by post code or suburb.

Or you can search by gym of interest supposing you are a member of a particular gym, you can see the trainers who are PTLync approved trainers within that facility and then book them via lync button or Book now for "On Demand".

Alternatively, if you want a one off personal training session, you may use the "On Demand" button to view trainers who are currently "On Demand" in your area or gym, find a match and then book them via Book Now button.

How do I Contact my trainer?

Once you are lynced to a trainer you can call or check their availability schedule and book yourself in on the trainer’s profile.

Can I cancel my request ("On Demand" only)?

Any cancellations made after booking will still be charged full rate to compensate the trainer for his or her time.

If trainer has not responded to your Lync "On Demand" within 5 minutes there will be no charges for cancellation.

Can I get a session fee estimate ("On Demand" only)?

After you have selected Book Now or lynced to your preferred trainer, the trainer’s fees are transparent for the type of session you want.

Also keep in mind that the fees may vary due to gym, trainer experience, and other factors.

Can I request a specific trainer?

If you are searching for trainers via "On Demand" button, we would only be able to lync you to trainers who are "On Demand" at that time.

However if you are going searching a long lasting trainer client relationship, you can search for a specific trainer and if you have linked to them previously it would be in your lync history and you can activate that lync again, but they will still have to accept you again.

Why did my ""On Demand"" trainer change?

If your lynced "On Demand" trainer does not respond well pass the 5 minute mark, you cancel without any charges or our system will automatically switch to the nearest available trainer and prompt you or if there are non-available, the "On Demand" session will be un-lynced automatically.

Can I rate my experience?

You can rate your experience with any trainer, by clicking the recommend button and you can also leave written testimonial under it.

However, you can leave an anonymous feedback for a specific trainer, via feedback link. If necessary, we will take action to coach the trainer in the right direction.

How do I pay for my session?

No physical cash needed, the payment will be deducted from your credit card on file.

Once you have lynced to a trainer and have selected the estimated session fee, after session has been completed the payment would be automatically deducted from your account.

Please note if you cancel your session within 5 minutes of initial request "On Demand", there will be no cancellation fee, but if you cancel after 5 minutes you will be charged a cancellation fee, however if you do not cancel your session at all but failed to turn up to your session you will be forfeiting the whole session and will be charged the whole amount.

What are my Payment Options?

Pay with PayPal ("On Demand" only)

You can pay for PTLync with your PayPal account on iPhone or Android.

  • Tap "Payment" in the app, and then "PayPal"
  • Follow the prompts to confirm you'd like to use PayPal and login to your account
  • Select PayPal as your payment method before you request your next session

We'll soon be implementing a payment option to pay with Pay smart (direct debit).

How old must I be to use PTLync?

Users of PTLync must be over the age of 18 years, if under 18, your parent or guardian will need to consent. PTLync will take no liabilities for under 18 year old clients.