Developing your self in other areas other than just the routine exercise regime and the usual Personal Training Jargon is key to retaining clients and offering so much more.

Think about it this way... the average gym goer is pretty damn exercise and gym savvy already thanks to Men's Health Magazine and all the other fantastic yet generalised articles out there, so you maybe selling yourself way short if you thought you could just get on the gym floor and bullsh*t your way through this age where information is easily accessible. Its not that your clients or potential clients don't know how to do these things, they do but they'd rather have your professional opinion... highly successful people know to delegate things outside their area of expertise regardless of the little knowledge they possess about what they need to be doing, so please Develop yourself further and don't insult the intelligence of your clients or potential clients.

Simply by taking interest in news and current affair is a basic yet under-rated skill most trainers and coaches do not possess, yet the client came here to exercise, but have you realised your client may not even like exercise that much, especially if they are city office workers, they come to you for escape from the hum drum world they live in, now imagine if you could provide a premium exercise program all the while engaging your clients in news and current affairs (choose non controversial topics), this doesn't only just tell your client you are a one trick pony, but it shares an insight to who you are and what you pay attention to, and further more could gain you some respect and build an ultimately indestructible rapport with the client.

Read a book or two... I am not saying you should ready 50 shades of grey, although it wouldn't hurt if your client is into that sort of thing, but most preferable are self development books, business books, research on specific issues that need fixing, you are probably thinking but why would i do that? They came here to train. Here is what i have come to learn... i work in the city and i don't know about you, but this is an arena full of professionals with lots of knowledge to give and also take, and you are a business all by yourself so wouldn't it be magnificent to use this opportunity to bounce ideas in between sets to learn from them or keep them engaged in the things you have come to learn outside of "just Pt stuff".

Take up some courses to further your education on what you already know about personal training or coaching, for example if you know how to help clients with fat loss then that’s fantastic, but it shouldn't end there. Go and broaden your horizon, there are hundreds of courses out there to help your coaching perspective, be it powerlifting, pre natal/post natal, gymnastics, dance, sports specific training etc. you catch my drift? I hope you do, as this would give you great confidence to provide premium service to your current clients or potential clientele, turning you into a great person to have around anywhere.

Hey why don't you go to an interesting seminar it doesn't have to be about personal training or whatever health and fitness service you provide, but think outside the box, you could really use your time wisely to learn a lot so you can offer a lot in your sessions and in general to anyone who crosses your path. Please do not become obnoxious and come across as a know it all, this will work immediately against you, don't be that guy.