Top 4 rewarding things about being a personal trainer

1. Being there for your client body transformation journey, you get to see the metamorphosis of an entirely different person, a more confident person full of joy and gratitude, it’s is by far one of the most rewarding thing any trainer could experience. The only way a trainer can prove their self above others in the same playing field is to get results for their clients, not only does the client feel happy but they also drive referrals for you by inspiring others.

2. Knowing you are making someone’s quality of life better, this needs no other explanation but here is one anyway, when a client comes up to you and say “I used find it difficult to walk to the train station every morning to get to work and now I can almost go back and forth effortlessly” or my personal favourite “I always felt like I couldn’t keep up with my kids, and I felt useless and depressed and now we go out to the park and get active and I inspire my kids”… if your client’s quality of life is improved there is a high chance they will stick with you and refer you to others and do it without you asking.

3. Learning a lot from you clients for free, I get so much quality from conversations with my clients, be it there work or future plans and views of different current issues, these conversations cannot happen fluidly if you don’t have anything to offer in the discussion, getting yourself educated and staying well informed about current affairs goes a long way, I am not saying be a walking encyclopaedia, but take interest in what your client is possibly reading to be able to chat and keep them engaged through out their sessions with you, keeps them giving you so much free information while you help them improve their quality of life, and then they thank you for it, and come back to you over and over because you keep stimulated mentally and physically (so to speak)

4. Becoming a friend, this can be confusing sometimes, because you have to have boundaries as to what being a friend with your client is, do not under any circumstances let your whole guard down, because where you are a normal guy outside your gym or park or wherever you see your client, they have a professional image of you, if they have to see you downing a keg of beer at a the pub, that’s not very inspiring, and you cannot take them to go and get junk food either, because you are condoning a bad lifestyle, sure you can manage yourself the next day, they cannot at most times. You also have to be careful not to become an expensive friend, just because you chit chat doesn’t mean your quality of work has to drop, find a fine line to be a friend and still deliver a wow session to your client.

Ways to keep a friendly flow with your clients, is to engage them in external events (exercise related) remember the little things (birthday, kids names, anniversaries, dog’s name etc), be their exercise goto guy all the time.