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On demand personal trainers

On demand personal trainer / training

It is true that we exist in a period where the notion pertaining to acquisition of anything is demanded on an immediate degree. If one covets something, then he or she must have it then or now. Perhaps the culpability for said inclination lies in the GEN Y.

PTlync, when elucidated, stands for (P-personal T-training, L-locate Y-your N-nearest C-coach). It is a system designed specifically as a venture where personal; health and fitness trainers can operate unconstrained and initiate business based endeavors without hindrance. On an intimate basis, this project holds special significance for me. Rationale for said concern stem from my own personal experiences as a striving personal trainer: such as having to peddle his trade in the most meager means possible, like distributing flyers or having lot of time on my hands, which in lieu could have been better spent towards improving the lives of people.

The problem:

The job of a personal trainer is evinced by having to commit long working hours towards his or her job. Many enthusiastic newcomers, or rookies if you will, the personal trainer vocation usually make the mistake of being too expectant of their occupation in terms of monetary results. They perceive this job as a pathway to success where they will earn attractive sums while doing the job that they love. Well, in most instances they do end up in a state where they indulge their penchant in personal training, but alas end up earning income that is not commensurate with their expectations. In other scenarios, they have to resort to other disparaging channels like handling out flyers, posting on Facebook, waiting on some gym to hand them leads and so on. Most of these means are ineffectual and culminate in a severe dilapidation of fervor on part of these enthusiastic young trainers.

Another facet of the story is that in frequent instances, it is the clients themselves who are overcome with trepidation and hesitation towards signing up with a specific trainer or a particular gym. They wish to be more acquainted with the trainer that they will be interacting with, which is critical, as it is a very profound transition for many.

The solution:

With PTlync on demand, trainers, coaches, health professionals, remedial massage professionals, physiotherapists and so forth can ensure that their presence on the pertinent market is notified and delineated properly. With PTlync, a physical training specialist can be approached directly by clients at their convenience and ensures that the trainer hired will be paid on an immediate basis as well.

It also makes matters more streamlined and regulated for those clients not looking for a long commitment. They can change their trainers as per circumstance or predilection. With the PTlync, clients and prospective clients can view the stats of any trainer prior to actually meeting him or her in person and reserve decisiveness till after they have perused said attributes. Plus, clients can choose the workout spot of their choosing as well, that is if they deride gyms and such.

In conclusion, all that can be said is that PTlync is free for all intending to “Lync” up to lead a robust and healthy life and will remain to be so indefinitely.

On Demand ptlync

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