Just like any other profession where you run your own business, as a personal trainer you are responsible for how others perceive your work. Not only should you provide a valuable service, but you also need to BELIEVE that it has value, and you need to be able to demonstrate this to others through your actions. Remember that if you do not believe in what you do then you cannot expect others to do so!



This should go without saying, but keep your game up. Do not cut corners - your clients realise more than you think. If you give the same program to several of your clients it will only be a matter of time before someone notices another client doing the same workout, which cheapens your service tremendously. If you are not programming specifically to a client's needs then that person will not progress. NOTHING will bring you business quite like being known for getting results. Your sessions might be super fun, and you might have great abs and be a really nice person, but ultimately your clients are paying you to achieve their goals. However this all means little for your success if you are achieving this but nobody knows about it.



It can be daunting and feel like you are showing off to speak about what you can do, so often people develop the habit of talking themselves down. Remember that you are responsible for selling your services so you require the skill of talking about what you are really good at. Providing details about your achievements is helpful and is mostly received well by others, but embellishing information or behaving as if your skills make you better than other fitness professionals can come across as arrogance. Be honest about what you know as well as what is outside of the area of your expertise. Nobody will expect you to know everything and you will be more highly respected if you approach the topic of your expertise with humility and transparency.



I do not offer discounts, and if you believe that your fee is fair and that you are working to the best of your abilities then neither should you. If you are worth what you charge then there will always be clients who are willing to pay your full fee. Remember that you have nothing to gain from providing a discount other than running into trouble with your other clients who you have not offered a discount to. There is also such a thing as being too affordable - gym savvy clients understand the approximate prices for personal training so if your fees are too low, this will actually project an image of being of lower quality than other trainers. However, this is not solved by simply quoting a high fee without being able to justify it. Ensure that you are comfortable with your fee - choose a rate that is aligned with your level of experience and skill set and is comparable with that of other trainers who are on your level.



How you present and behave yourself when you are at your workplace affects how potential clients perceive you. Always be on your best behaviour, greet and help everybody and make the effort to be fully present for your clients throughout their sessions. Your phone should only be used to look at workouts and to communicate with clients when you are working. All members are potential clients so ensure that you ALWAYS behave professionally and to the standard that you would like to be known for.