The health and fitness industry is fast growing and very rewarding to be a part of, and personal trainers are high in demand. However, this does not guarantee success to new trainers, and it is not uncommon to find trainers who are struggling to bring in business or make ends meet. This is because there is so much more to this role than the fitness and training knowledge itself.

Some of these skills are not a large focus in your certification, and require you to already be in business to adequately grasp, as they need to be put into practice. If you have a formal mentoring agreement with a senior trainer then he or she should be providing relevant guidance. Otherwise you may not be given much direction on these matters, depending upon the agreement between management and personal trainers at your workplace.



It does not matter how skilled and knowledgeable you are – if nobody knows that you exist then you are still going to struggle. The ability to promote yourself and to sell your services to the public is vital. You will need to be proactive about bringing in business, and there are many ways to do this. Make sure that you are familiar to all members at your gym – everyone is a potential client so greet everyone and answer questions from members.

Train yourself at your workplace, and when you are starting you should train at times that you want to fill with clients. This showcases your knowledge, demonstrates that you believe in what you do and practice what you preach. You work with people, so authenticity and being personable goes a long way. This is why social media is so important for promoting your business. The more that you allow the public to see what you can do then the more successful that you will be.



A personal training business comes with a substantial amount of paperwork: you will need to register your business, you will need to figure out how your book keeping will operate and if you will need an accountant or whether you will calculate your tax yourself. Resist the urge to put it off to sort out later. If you are going to succeed then you will only get busier, and these matters must be attended to.

Stay on top of your invoicing to avoid headache at tax time. You will also need to set aside regular chunks of time to write training programs for your clients. Stay on top of these as they will require updating every 6-8 weeks. This will keep your clients both progressing with their fitness, but also to prevent boredom from settling in with their training.



These are just some examples of the knowledge that can help you to build a successful business as a personal trainer, but which is not always readily available for everyone to take on board. There is now documentation available on PTLYNC designed for trainers who are setting up their business, or who might not be operating at the level where they would like to be. To access these FREE documents just click HERE for your ebook.

This blog will continue to post pro tips and tricks to help all trainers in our community. The ability to generate business is key to running a successful business. PTLYNC offers a unique on demand service, allowing potential clients to search for you at the times and locations of your choice. So be sure to sign up and keep your profile up to date to make the most of this free service.