This seems like a no brainer but it’s a trap trainers fall into, thinking they can make up for time lost. Well that’s all good but you have to remember time is money and some of your clients may be working on a tight schedule and would prefer if you did not waste their time, even if you could make it up later.

In some ways being late tarnishes your integrity, and also opens up the door for your client to leave or start turning up to your sessions late.


I have come across a fair few trainers / coaches including myself who gradually fall out of routine and become too relaxed with our relationship with the client, this can be a very slippery slope to decreasing your worth in the eye of the client.

Picture the first session you grabbed their water bottle and towel, very courteous, PUNCTUAL, neatly presented, program design specifically to client and then after a solid month of all that professionalism, you start to drop the ball gradually, you are now comfortable and you forgot what it took to secure this client and the client starts to drop the ball too and there goes the downwards spiral.


Nothing says professional trainer/coach like following up on your clients as promised or requested by the client. Its just good to know that there is support outside the session, training for an hour or so with a client is not the hard part as we all know it’s the 23 hours after that session that really matters, and having to provide that check up or call it a reminder is what keeps them on track.


Take your mind off making money for a second and realise the person in front of you is a human being, they have feelings too and you are probably 2% of their day and hopefully the happiest most rewarding 2% of their day.

You want to be in such a good position that you know things like, Birthday, anniversaries, kids name, dogs name, can I get you some water? Or fill up your bottle, hold their towel, favourite restaurant, favourite sports teams, the weekend, and future plans, basically things that have nothing to do with the session, but makes them feel like they are talking to a really good friend who cares, and offcourse you cannot achieve this if you are not an active listener.


Getting your client a result is the most rewarding feeling, it basically delivers what you promised and that’s important, but it doesn’t necessarily increase your worth because “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Some of us have clients who we do everything for and they do not follow all the steps to achieve a result but will recommend you time and time again, because you did everything else above and they are probably their own worst enemy and its not your fault entirely and they know that and wont leave you because you make them feel good. And that’s why I have RESULTS at the bottom of the list.