The Clean Eating Advocate

Trust me Mr personal trainer, people have been eating meat and vegetables for millions of years, cut that sh*t out and understand that the potential clients you would meet at the gym already know this, don’t waste time or annoy people by expecting them to be like you, teach them how to live the life they want with a balance, try and understand what they eat now, and see how you can adjust it for them before you through out the “eat clean” statement… trust me you will be loosing clients for that statement, coach them to make adjustment to current eating habits for the better and slowly coach them away from bad habits… thats all you need to do and you got a client for life so to speak.
The Specialist Personal Trainer
Listen i am not saying its a bad thing to be specialised at a specific kind of training, but the last time you looked around you gym or boot camp, where did you see an athlete? Enough said.
The Over Qualified trainer
Sure you are qualified and thats brilliant, but guess who doesn’t really need to know all those things? Yes your clients, personal trainer gibberish sounds good to make you seem smarter than you are, but there is no need, sometimes you may come off as annoying, you could over complicate a training session, some people come to you to escape their hum drum lives, don’t bombard them with gibberish unless asked, look around your gym, do you see athletes? then stop it.
The Over Under Priced Trainer
This one is a strange one, but the amazing thing is i have seen and also been involved in offering clients at the gym complimentary sessions to get them in my corner to prove myself and this has backfired a lot of times, humans are strange they do not value things that come free, do not under price your business people will think less of you unfortunately, it shouldn’t be so but it is…
The Narcissistic Personal Trainer
Its great to look good, hell half the reason you have a business is because people want to feel sexy, they want to feel good about them selves, unfortunately some trainers are so caught up in how good they look, and forget who pays there bill, Do not wear singlets to your training sessions, you don’t have to wear the brightest shoes out there, or share a million shredded aesthetic pictures, it will cost you you business, don’t forget while its good to look good, you live in the real world and people come to you to feel good about them selves get off you own d*** and make your clients feel good about them selves, they are the ones who pay for those bright shoes.