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4 signs you are about to lose a client

4 Signs you are about to lose your clients

1. They start to miss their sessions, now I am not saying that there may not be some legitimate reason why they miss their sessions, but if it starts to occur too frequently and the excuses become ever weaker than the last, there is something wrong and if you had been asking for feedback previously, you may have been able to avoid this, but if you haven’t previously this would be a good time to ask your client for lunch or a quick friendly coffee to find out what’s really going on, and who knows you could turn this around, especially if you actively listen.

2. They do not respect your professional opinion anymore, maybe your client is a joker and likes playing around, but if you cannot control your session with your client and you cannot reach an agreeable level of professionalism with them, you will lose them, you will be taken as an expensive friend, to avoid this limit your chit chat about irrelevant things and really focus on time management and have a planned program. Briefly mention the goal of the session to client, I am not saying be a robot, but be lively, fun but precise and structured in your session, so you give them value without just being a chatterbox. Don’t get me wrong some clients may want the laid back approach and sometimes it’s good to gauge that and be laid back with them, you can even get this information by asking them how they are feeling today and go from there.

3. They start seeking challenges elsewhere. Now you may have a client who does the occasional marathons, and obstacle courses, even random exercise events around the state; we are not talking about that. I am talking about when your client decides to join his/her friend to do some sessions down at the park or the gym closer to home or my favourite one “I just want to train from different perspective of other trainers”, this is where your make sure you introduce open communication. Find out what the other trainer or challenges she is doing is offering her, research it and provide that same service if not better to client with consistency and continues feedback between the two of you.

4. They don’t like you as a person, sometimes first impressions can be as good as it gets with some trainers, after that they lose consistency and start doing things that may irritate the client….example (not listening, actively, awful representation of self on social media, lack of professionalism, inconsistency, lack of care and follow up after session, treating them like a number. I am not saying some of the above you cannot get away with, but its important to first read your client and get to understand their personality type and try as best as possible to adapt to them, it’s a business right? Do what needs to be done to retain your client or you are screwed right out of your own business.